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The Power of Fitness


Physical Development:
Physical development is achieved by strengthening the muscles, bones and overall body structure of a toddler. Regular exercises and movements help the toddler to be physically fit.


Cognitive Development:
The fitness impacts mental and emotional health too. Body movements, exercises and games stimulates brain activity, which boosts learning, thinking and problem solving approach.


Emotional Well-being:
Involving in the physical activity reduces stress, anxiety, anger and disappointment in toddler. Endorphins hormone releases during exercise boosts mood and make your toddler feel good.

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To keep toddlers fit and entertained, they must spend about 2-3 hours daily on activities as these helps in the developing Language and Cognitive skills with fun.


It help the toddlers to have better engagement, experience, participation and learning. These are important for the healthy development, builds confidence and learning skills.

Child Care

Structured and Unstructured playtime is equally important for your toddler. Either your toddler is at home or at Preschool, proper care and supervision is required.

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