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Advantages of Painting for Toddlers – A Complete Guide

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Advantages of Painting for Toddlers – A Complete Guide

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   There are various brain activities for toddlers, but few are their favorite. Painting is one of them. Oh wait! Is painting a brain activity? A BIG YES ! There are various advantages of painting for toddlers like developing fine motor, problem solving and improving communication skills. Research has shown that toddlers who regularly do activities like Painting have been demonstrated to have a lower risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia because Painting need both cognitive and motor skills which in turn stimulate brain of toddler and improve its functionality.

    Painting with toddler at home is an adventurous activity. Every child is born with creative mind. Their creativity, imagination makes them different from others. Painting is the expression of your creative mind, imagination, emotions and ideas by paint. Toddler painting is all about making brushstrokes using hands, fingers, rollers, sponges or toys.

    Mommies you might be thinking of buying best paint for your toddler

    There are variety of paints or colors available in the market. Based on your toddlers need and his interest in painting you may select suitable paints. Some toddler friendly paints are:

Advantages of painting for toddlers
  1. Water color paint: Non-toxic, translucent and water-soluble paint used for arts and craft. Add few drops of water to this paint and offer your toddler to paint on paper. Your toddler will love to paint with these as there are very bright colors available in this category.
  2. Finger paint: Non-toxic and washable paints are best suited for toddlers. It improves cognitive and motor skills of your baby.
  3. Activity paints: These are washable, water-based paints used for variety of activities. It can be applied to different surfaces easily.
  4. Tempera paint: One of the best paints to work on paper, canvas, wood or cardboard. It is washable as well as non-toxic.

5 Tips & tricks for painting with toddlers at home

Advantages of painting for toddlers

    Toddlers love exploring paints and feel with their fingers. Your child is going to be dirty. Do you worry about the mess during painting? NO WORRIES !. Follow these measures to prevent it:

  1. Clothes: always allow your toddler to paint with old clothes. Toddlers wipe off often, so it is advisable to paint in nude or with old clothes.
  2. Space: Provide big paper to paint. As toddler needs space to move and paint, always offer a big space to him.
  3. Paint Area: Secure the painting area or paper with good tape. More the security is, more the best painting it will be. You can use painters’ tape, Scotch tape or masking tape.
  4. Paint: Always use non-toxic and washable paints. Pour limited paint in a container and hand it to your toddler for use.
  5. Take care: Always take care of your toddler while he is painting. As toddlers are in the habit of putting hands or finger in mouth so in case of emergency you must have some preventive measures to overcome it. 

    Your toddler can enjoy various painting ideas. Are you struggling with toddler painting ideas? Read more at : Painting activities for Toddlers

Advantages of painting for toddlers

    Painting involves many social, emotional, physical and intellectual advantages. Let’s see how painting benefits your toddler and why it is important:

  1. Painting improves muscle movement of all body.
  2. It develops brain and hand coordination.
  3. It relieves stress and build self-confidence.
  4. Different emotions, ideas are expressed during painting.
  5. Toddlers learn how to hold the brush, how to use the paint, hands and fingers while painting. This improves their sensory skills also.
  6. As there are no specific rules or guidelines for painting, children explore various methods of painting without any fear of failure.
  7. Toddlers learn about designs, colors, paint and patterns. It increases their spatial intelligence.
  8. Painting helps to improve vocabulary.
  9. It builds toddlers concentration and patience to learn new skills.
  10. Painting is a fun and way of learning new skills for a toddler.

What supplies do I need to start a painting with your toddler?

Advantages of painting for toddlers
  1. Paint: You can start with Red, blue, yellow and white Tempera colors as these are safe and you can make more colors by mixing them. Keep an eye on your toddler when he is painting.
  2. Brushes: Your toddler’s little hands need paint brushes that can be hold easily. Prefer buying short and thick brushes.
  3. Table: Painting table should be long and wide enough to hold the paper nicely. Make your toddler sit on a chair comfortably and provide some space to move. If you don’t have that perfect table, don’t worry let your child sit on floor cross-legged and enjoy the activity.
  4. Tape: Best way to hold the paper on table is to fix it with tape. Painter’s tape, Scotch tape or masking tape are the best options.

What is the best paint for toddlers?

    Tempera paints is considered safe for toddlers as it doesn’t contain any allergens. They are best suited for all surfaces, offers bright colors, comes in matte and glossy texture and are non-toxic.

Is acrylic paint safe for toddlers?

Advantages of painting for toddlers

    Always prefer non-toxic paints for your little ones. Acrylic paint may contain some substances like lead or cadmium so it’s not advisable for toddlers. Young children also took appropriate measures while using them.

Is painting good for the brain?

    Painting stimulates your brain as there are various cognitive and motor skills involved. It is best option for toddlers as it strengthens brain, promotes critical thinking, relieves stress and enhances emotional intelligence level. 

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