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The Power of PeekaBoo for toddlers

peekaboo or peek-a-boo

The Power of PeekaBoo for toddlers

PeekaBoo for toddlers is classic hide and seek game which involves the concept of object permanence, bonding and emotional awareness.

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    Hey, are you looking for a game to play with your toddler? Peekaboo for toddlers is an old, universal, traditional hide and seek game which is considered the best ever invented game.

    I personally like this simple but classic game. My naughty Manya, love to play it daily. It makes her feel happy, energetic and confident.

    This game will relieve your stress, so no more worries MOMMY. Just play and enjoy your motherhood!!!

What is PeekaBoo for toddlers? 

    Peekaboo is a famous first game that you can enjoy with your toddler. Peekaboo is also known as Boo-peep. This game was known in England in early 1600 s. It acts as a remedy when your child is tired or upset. You will cover and uncover your face in this game.

    At around 3 months of age, babies start developing recognition of objects that surrounds them. The concept of object permanence starts at the age of 8 months.

    Object permanence is a concept of understanding the objects or events that still exist if they can’t be seen, heard or even touched.

    Once your toddler understands this concept, peekaboo is much more fun for both of you.

Peekaboo song for toddlers

    Peekaboo for toddlers is a fun-filled favorite game. If you play this game with full energy, it will cheer your toddler’s mood. You can make it more enjoyable by adding the peekaboo song to your game.

    I love to sing this Peekaboo song for my toddler:



Where is Mummy?

Where is Mummy?


Where is Mummy?

Where is Mummy?

I love you!

PeekaBoo for toddlers
PeekaBoo for toddlers



Where is teddy?

Where is teddy?


Where is teddy?

Where is teddy?

I see you!

Peekaboo activities for toddlers

PeekaBoo for toddlers

    No hard and fast rules exist for this game. As your parents played it with you, it’s your turn to play it with your toddler in the same way or differently. This game will delight your little bundle of joy. It’s been a remarkable memory of toddlerhood.

    There are numerous ways to play this game. You can follow following basic steps:

Step 1: Sit close to your child.

    Make sure to maintain eye to eye contact with your baby. Once both of you are comfortable, you can start the game now.

Step 2: Hide your face.

    You can hide your face with your hands, small blanket or any soft toy.

Step 3: Unhide your face.

    After a few seconds, open your hands or remove the object (blanket or soft toy) from your face and say “Peekaboo” in a loud and happy voice. Initially, your toddler may get upset but once he come to know about the game, he will definitely enjoy it.

Step 4: Repeat the above steps.

    Keep on repeating the game with different objects.

Step 5: It’s your toddler’s turn.

    Once your toddler starts enjoying, you may cover his face with any soft object and do the same so that he can learn and enjoy more.

Step 6: More Participation.

    Encourage your toddler to participate more. Add more family members to your game and experience group peekaboo.

Peekaboo games for toddlers

    In this digital era, peekaboo can be played online. There are numerous websites and apps where your toddler can learn and improve vocabulary by playing the game, but I found these two the best:

1.       Peekaboo Kids – Kids Game

    This is an app available on playstore for 1-3 years old kids.  It is an educational game where your toddler will learn about different animals, vehicles, music instruments and many more.

    You can download if for free from playstore:

Peekaboo Kids – Kids Game

2.      Peek a Boo Game Online

    This game can be played online without downloading it. It is a game of hidden animals behind trees in the forest. Toddlers learn the concept of object permanence by playing this game.

    You can play it online at:

 Peek a Boo Game Online

Peekaboo books for toddlers

    There are numerous toys and books available in the market which can play peek a Boo with your child. So, no more worries, your child can develop the same skills by playing with these toys as they play with you. Here are some popular Peekaboo toys for toddlers:

  1. Peekaboo Books: These are made from soft fabric with flaps. These books engage your toddler by lifting flaps to reveal hidden objects. It increases visual power and enhances sensory development. Want to buy?
  2. Interactive Plush Toys: Plush toys provide dynamic peekaboo game experience. They can turn their face or have movable flaps. These toys boost hand-eye coordination and build fine motor skills. Want to buy?
  3. Pop-Up Peekaboo Toys: 3 D pop-up toys make characters or objects pop up. Toddlers will love to spend time with these toys. Want to buy?

Peekaboo benefits for toddlers

PeekaBoo for toddlers

    Peekaboo being played all around the world not just entertains your toddler but helps in toddler’s growth and development. Key benefits of this game are:

  1. Co-ordination: Interaction during play strengthens the bond between you and your toddler. The more you co-ordinate by eye contact, smile and words, the more the bond is.
  2. Object permanence: Playing peekaboo develops toddler’s sense of object permanence. Your toddler starts understanding that, objects that can’t be seen for some time still exists. It doesn’t mean that they have disappeared. It makes your toddler strong enough to handle separation from parents.
  3. Gross Motor skills: Peekaboo involves the movement of muscles of hands and legs. Toddlers love to copy you and they act the same as you do. So, the actions you perform during play helps the overall movement of muscles.
  4. Eye-Contact: While playing peekaboo your toddler keeps an eye on the objects which you hide, when you cover and uncover your face. This process of visual tracking helps the toddler to maintain eye contact and control eye and neck movements.
  5. Social development: Peekaboo is team game. Toddlers learn how to play with others, follow rules, take their turn and resolve any conflict during play. All these skills make your toddler socially active and confident.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1.    Why do toddlers like peek a boo?

    Toddlers like peek a boo as it involves learning and various emotions to enjoy with play.

2.    What age is peek a Boo for?

    Peek-a -Boo is best for the ages of one to three years of a child.

3.    When do babies play peek a boo on their own?

    Babies from the age of 9-12 months can start playing peek a boo on their own.

4.    Why is peek a Boo important?

    Peek a Boo is important as it increases the bond between you and your toddler.


    In this article, I expressed my views on Peekaboo for toddlers.

    It is a magical game as it involves learning the concept of object permanence, bonding, emotional awareness and concept of give and take through play. It is best brain game for toddlers.

    I hope you get benefits from my experience and thoughts shared in this article.

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