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Freeze Tag Game

Freeze Tag Game

Freeze Tag Game engaging game for kids of all ages. It enhances physical fitness, social interactions, confidence, decision making and problem-solving skills.

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    Freeze tag is super excited, lively and engaging game for kids of all ages. It combines the fun of tag with the twist of freezing in place. It is a game of quick thinking, cooperation and excitement. This fun filled game can be played indoors or outdoors. The best part is you can play it anytime. Even people of any age group can play it with friends , relatives or kids. Tag games are favorite of all kids since ages. This game is best for birthday party as it is easy to learn for all ages.

  • Age: 3+
  • Number of participants: This game requires minimum of 4 participants. You can even play it with maximum number of players. The more the players are, more is the entertainment.
  • Equipment: It is equipment free game. Only players and space are required to play this game.
  • Skills Developed: Coordination, Gross motor skills, Balance, Decision making and Teamwork.

Freeze tag game rules

  1. You can select one or more players to be “It” or “tagger”.
  2. Rest of the players are runners.
  3. Runners must avoid being touched by “It”.
  4. If any runner is freezed/tagged by “It”, then he must stand still.
  5. A player is out of the game if he moves after being tagged by “It”.
  6. Player is unfreeze by some other runner by tapping and saying “UNFREEZE”.

How to play freeze tag game?

  1. Select one or more players as “It”.
  2. Remaining ones are runners.
  3. Start the game. All players start running in defined area and the player who is “It” starts running after them and try to freeze them.
  4. If the player who is “It” tags any runner, by tapping him and says “FREEZE”, then the player must freeze on the spot and is not supposed to move or speak.
  5. Tagged player must stand still. Any movement can make him out of the game.
  6. Players who are runners can unfreeze other players which have been frozen by “It”. Runner must tap the freezed player and say “UNFREEZE”.
  7. Unfreeze player is back to the game now.
  8. Either “It” wins the game by freezing all runners or Runners wins it, if any runner is still unfrozen and the selected time runs out.

How to win freeze tag game?

    To win freeze tag game, a player requires speed, strategy and teamwork. As this game has two groups- “It” and “Runners”. The winner can be “It” or any “Runner”. Here are some tips to win this game:

  • For player “It”- Be strategic. Target runners who are isolated or slower first, to reduce the number of runners. Try to predict runner’s path. This will help to catch them soon. Roam near frozen players to make it harder for other runners to unfreeze them.
  • For player “Runners”- Always work in a team to unfreeze others. Keep running and changing directions frequently. Track the position of “It” to decide where to run and when to unfreeze others. Develop strategy to unfreeze and to distract “It”.

    This game ends if time limit exceeds or all players are frozen. By following the strategy, players can improve the chances of winning the game.

What are the benefits of playing freeze tag?

    Freeze tag is traditional playground game which offers variety of benefits to kids.

  1. Speed and agility: It involves running and changing direction quickly to avoid being tagged by “It” or to unfreeze players. This helps players to improve their speed and flexibility.
  2. Body and Mind-coordination: Both tagging and untagging requires body movements. Brain and body effectively participate in this game.
  3. Teamwork: All players work together to unfreeze others and puts joint efforts to make strategies against “It”.
  4. Decision making and Problem-solving: On spot decision making and problem-solving skills are required to decide how to remain unfrozen in this game.
  5. Confidence: Freezing and unfreezing others boosts players self-esteem and confidence in their abilities.
  6. Self-control: In this game, players need to maintain self-discipline to stay focused and follow the rules to win the game.


    In this article, I expressed my views on Freeze tag game.

    Freeze tag is more than a game. It is a developmental activity which enhances physical fitness, social interactions, confidence, decision making and problem-solving skills. All these skills are essential both in game and everyday life. It contributes to the overall development of kids.

    I hope you get benefits from my experience and thoughts shared in this article.

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