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Chinese Freeze Tag Game

Chinese Freeze Tag Game

Chinese freeze tag or Tunnel Tag is a fun game that encourages physical activity, teamwork, and strategic thinking in kids. It is best Birthday Party game.

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    Chinese freeze tag is fun filled, another variation of freeze tag game. Rules of Chinese freeze tag are slightly different than freeze tag game. Chinese freeze tag is best for families and kids of all ages. Chinese Freeze Tag Game is also called ” Tunnel Tag Game”. This game can be played indoors or outdoors. This super excited game is even enjoyed by my 4-year-old “Manya”. She always accompanies us and love to crawl under the legs during the play.

  • Age: It can be played by preschoolers or above aged kids.
  • Number of participants: More the players, more is the fun. Minimum number of players to play Chinese freeze tag effectively is four.
  • Equipment: None other than the space to play. Select your boundaries either indoor or outdoor.
  • Skills Developed: Speed, coordination, teamwork, communication, decision making, problem solving,  confidence and self-control.

Chinese Freeze Tag Game Rules

  • One or two players are selected as “it” or “tagger”.
  • All players must avoid getting touch by “it”.
  • If a player gets tagged, he must stand still.
  • Any player who moves or does not freeze after being tagged must be out of the game.
  • Player is unfreeze only if untagged player crawl under his legs.

How to play Chinese Freeze Tag

Chinese Freeze Tag Game

  Step 1: Set Boundaries.

All players should run in the selected boundary. Boundary can be volleyball court, playground or any indoor space enough to run and play.

  Step 2: Make teams.

    Select one or two players as “it” . This player can be chosen through various methods like volunteering or being selected by the group. Rest of the players are Runners.

  Step 3: Set Rules.

    Rules are important for the discipline in game. Each player must know how to play. The game must be over at selected time interval or when all players get freezed.

  Step 4: “It’s” aim.

    The aim of “it” is to freeze all runners by chasing and touching them. If the player who is “it” freezes all the players, he is the winner.

  Step 5: Runner’s Aim.

    Aim of runner is to get far away as possible from “it”.

  Step 6: Freeze if you are tagged.

    If runner gets tagged by “it”, freeze there. Spread your legs open and wide so that other runner or player who have not tagged can crawl under the legs to unfreeze you. Once you are unfreezed, you are back to the game now.

Advantages of Chinese Freeze Tag Game

  1. Teamwork: A best game where kids learn how to play in a team. Helping other players to get unfreeze is a sign of positive attitude.
  2. Understanding: While working in a team, every player understands each other’s emotions. These are the emotions of learning. Kids learn how to behave and help others.
  3. Self-control: Freezing and unfreezing are good ways to work on self-control.
  4. Body movements: Chinese freeze tag game is fun filled exercise for kids. Running, freezing, crawling promotes body movements.
  5. Boost confidence: Some kids often shy to play in Group or with kids of other ages. This game encourages kids to make decision of unfreezing a player which in turn boost their confidence.
Chinese Freeze Tag Game


    In this article, I expressed my views on Chinese Freeze Tag game.

    Chinese Freeze Tag is a fun and engaging game that encourages physical activity, teamwork, and strategic thinking. It is a great way for children to play and interact with one another. Children also enjoy the thrill of chasing and getting tagged.

    I hope you get benefits from my experience and thoughts shared in this article.

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