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Hula hoop Tag

Hula hoop Tag

Hula hoop tag is a modern twist in classic tag game. When kids are ready to release their energy in playground, Hula Hoop tag game is best.

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    Ah ! I remember playing tag games as a child in my neighbourhood. I don’t know the much benefits of games at that time but they are countless. I recall playing many variations of tag games. These were my all-time favourite. Tag games are always a crowd pleaser. When kids are ready to release their energy in playground, Hula Hoop tag game is best. Hula hoop tag is considered best recess game. Hula hoop tag is great for all ages as it incorporates running ,jumping and kicking in kids.

  • Age: Played by preschoolers or above aged kids.
  • Number of participants: More than 6
  • Equipment: Hula Hoops
  • Skills developed: Patience, Teamwork, Decision- making and Physical exercises.

Hula hoop tag rules

  1. Only taggers has hula hoop.
  2. Taggers can touch hula hoop with their feet.
  3. No tagger is allowed to pick up, hold or throw hula hoop.
  4. The player must be out if hula hoop touches his feet and joins the waiting line.
Hula hoop Tag

How to play Hula Hoop tag

  Step 1: Set Boundaries

    Set up boundary to play. Select a space where players will line up when they are out of game.

  Step 2: Divide players

    Select 2-3 players to be “It” or Tagger. Every “It” has one Hula hoop with him. Only “It” can touch his/her hula hoop with feet. “It” cannot hold hula hoop or touch it with any other body part except feet.

  Step 3: Role of “It”

    “It” kicks their hula hoops towards other players feet.

  Step 4: Role of other players

    Players except “It” can move freely in the selected boundary and must prevent the touch of hula hoops to any body part.

  Step 5: Waiting line

    If hula hoop touches other player’s feet, that player is out and is supposed to form a line in the waiting area.

  Step 6: Prevent Hula hoop touch

    If a player jumps with both feet in taggers hula hoop without touching it and says any magic word, the first player in the waiting line returns back to the game.

  Step 7: End of game

    Game ends if the waiting line gets too long or the time is over. A new game or round with new taggers can be started.

When to Play Hula Hoop Tag

  • Physical Education Classes: Hula hoop tag helps the students to improve coordination, agility and teamwork skills.
  • Outdoor Playtime: Best suited game to play in parks, playgrounds or backyard gatherings. It encourages active play and social interaction among children.
  • Summer Camps: It is a team building activity that enhances camper engagement and enjoyment during summer camps.
  • Birthday Parties: Best for outdoor birthday parties. It is a fun tag game which keeps kids entertained on your special day.
  • Events: You can add hula hoop tag to community events, festivals, clubs, after school programs or fitness classes.
  • Anytime for Fun and Fitness: It is fun-filled and energetic game to play anytime. It involves physical fitness and social interaction.

Advantages of Hula hoop tag

Hula hoop Tag
  1. Physical fitness: This game involves running, kicking and jumping which improves the overall fitness of kids.
  2. Patience: All the players standing in line patiently waits for their turn to be back in game. Being able to manage yourself, is the best skill to incorporate in kids for better life.
  3. Decision making: If you are a tagger, kicking hula hoop towards a player in order to get him out of the game works well if you decides well.
      Decision making is important aspect in this game whether you are tagger or player. Players also immediately reacts to the hula hoop approaching towards them and the players who are standing in waiting line decides whom to send back in the game.
  4. Teamwork: A game of teamwork where everyone has opportunity to learn from each other. All the taggers aim to tag other players while runners run away in order to not being tagged. Both teams works as respective units and improves the efficiency and productivity.
  5. Spatial awareness: It refers to the awareness of all surrounding objects and your position with respect to them. With this skill a player can easily judge how far is hula hoop and acts accordingly.
  6. Boosts confidence: There is no doubt that games boost confidence. When your teammates believes you, self-control and your performance automatically increases your confidence and self believe.


    In this article, I expressed my views on Hula hoop tag.

    Hula hoop tag is a modern twist in classic tag game. It is best outdoor activity to be performed at home or school. It not only brings physical fitness but also includes spatial awareness, evasion and teamwork.

    I hope you get benefits from my experience and thoughts shared in this article.

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